Buyers December 8, 2023

Veterans Qualify for 61 Home Assistance Programs Offering Up to $120,000 in Support

In the face of escalating housing costs and the challenges of frequent relocations, a lifeline exists for military families in the form of 61 invaluable assistance programs designed to empower them in their quest to secure, construct, or enhance their homes.

Within this pool of assistance programs, there are an impressive 2,200 down payment assistance options exclusively tailored for veterans. Yet, the spotlight shines brightly on the remarkable 61 programs that go above and beyond, offering financial support of up to $120,000 to help veterans navigate the often daunting path towards homeownership.

According to insights from the Urban Institute, a striking 78% of veteran households have achieved the dream of homeownership, surpassing the national average by a notable 14 percentage points. In contrast, active-duty service members, who frequently face the challenge of being relocated every few years, maintain a homeownership rate of only 43%. The constant flux of military life, coupled with the surging real estate market characterized by soaring home prices and mortgage interest rates reaching their highest levels since 2000, has left military families grappling with mounting stress and financial pressures. These challenges have been underscored by findings from the Blue Star Families’ Military Family Lifestyle Survey, which highlight the increasing burden posed by housing costs and relocations, underscoring the critical need for assistance, particularly in covering down payment and other home acquisition expenses.

With Veterans Day in the spotlight, Down Payment Resource (DPR) is taking the opportunity to shed light on these 61 vital programs available to veterans. A comprehensive analysis conducted by DPR unveils several key insights:

1. **Financial Assistance Range**: The programs extend a helping hand to homebuyers with financial aid ranging from a modest $2,000 to a generous $120,000, catering to varying needs and circumstances.

2. **Program Diversity**: These homeownership assistance programs encompass a diverse array of options, including 24 second mortgage programs, 18 affordable first mortgage programs, 15 grants, as well as unique offerings like below market rate (BMR)/resale restriction programs, combined assistance programs, voucher programs, and other assistance types.

3. **Flexible Repayment Options**: Of the 61 programs, 24 offer forgivable assistance, contingent upon adherence to program conditions such as owner-occupancy. A further 15 programs extend their support as outright gifts, requiring no repayment, provided that eligibility criteria are met.

4. **Inclusivity**: Thirty-five programs are tailor-made for first-time buyers, while 34 are open to repeat buyers or offer waivers for service members and veterans, acknowledging their unique circumstances and contributions.

Rob Chrane, Founder and CEO of DPR, aptly captures the sentiment, stating, “Having the means to purchase a home, even in times when interest rates may seem daunting, can lay the foundation for our service members to build equity, foster a sense of community, and possess an asset they can retain or sell if they receive PCS orders. We are deeply grateful to our veterans, service members, and their families and trust that these programs can serve as the keys to homeownership, unlocking the myriad benefits it brings.”