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Coldwell Banker Professionals’ Port Huron has serviced the Blue Water Area since 1985, originally as Coldwell Banker Choice before joining the Coldwell Banker Professionals family in 2012. We are home to a dynamic team of Realtors® that are committed to providing the highest level of service and professionalism to their clients.

CBP Port Huron is honored to service the entire Blue Water Area as a full-service real estate company. Our top-producing agents specialize in Relocation, Lake Front Homes, New Construction, and Vacant Land boasting decades of experience representing Sellers, Buyers and Investors alike. Our team of agents are Professionals and proud to offer every client a Coldwell Banker Professionals Service Guarantee.

As a long-standing member of the Blue Water Area Chamber of Commerce and the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County we are committed to supporting and serving the Blue Water Area Community. This includes multiple efforts that benefit our local food pantries, the Humane Society, Christmas for Kids in Need, United Way, Affordable Housing Efforts and we are always looking for more ways that we can make a difference!

We welcome you to tour our beautiful office, located in a stunningly restored historic building in downtown Port Huron, just a short walk from the water’s edge. The high ceilings, exposed brick walls and original hardwood floors have made way for new finishes that give life to our Coldwell Banker Professionals Port Huron home. Stop in and let us guide you home!

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Exploring Port Huron, Michigan

Welcome to Coldwell Banker Professionals, your trusted partner for real estate in Midland, Michigan. Whether you're contemplating a move to Port Huron, Michigan, or simply curious about the city's livability, we've thoughtfully compiled the pros and cons of living in this charming city. This assessment takes into account various factors used to assess livability and compares Port Huron with other cities on a national and state level. While this evaluation provides valuable insights into the advantages and considerations of living in Port Huron, it's important to note that individual preferences may vary.

Discovering Port Huron, Michigan

Port Huron is a small city situated in Saint Clair County, Michigan. Over the past five years, Port Huron has maintained its character while experiencing a modest decrease in residents. With a current population of 29,175, Port Huron has seen a population growth rate of -0.4% in the last year and a slight decline of -2.3% over the past five years.

Living in Port Huron offers a suburban ambiance, making it an ideal choice for families seeking more space for their investment compared to larger, densely populated cities. The city's appeal extends to its proximity to natural water features, a characteristic shared by many communities, with significant water areas within the city limits.

Is Port Huron, Michigan Your Ideal Home?

Absolutely! Port Huron excels in various factors, from diversity to affordability, making it a fantastic place to call home. The definition of an ideal city to reside in can vary from person to person. Some may prefer the warmth and closeness of a smaller community, while others might gravitate toward the offerings of a larger city. The key is that a city meets the needs and desires of its residents, making it a great place to live.

Several factors contribute to what makes a city a desirable place to live. Affordability is a significant consideration, ensuring that housing costs remain manageable and do not overly strain residents' incomes. Equally important is job availability, with a thriving local economy and a range of employment opportunities.

Safety is paramount, with residents' peace of mind being a top priority, and low crime rates contributing to overall well-being. Access to amenities, including restaurants, bars, and recreational spaces, enhances the community experience. Furthermore, an abundance of parks and green spaces adds to the appeal of the city.

Lastly, diversity plays a vital role, fostering inclusivity and representation of various cultures and religions throughout the community. A welcoming atmosphere, where residents feel at home in any part of the city, is a hallmark of an outstanding place to live.

Port Huron's Livability

Port Huron boasts an above-average livability score, meticulously derived from a comprehensive evaluation of the city's data points and factors. These variables are thoughtfully weighted to provide an accurate assessment of Port Huron's overall quality of life compared to other locales. Key components considered in this livability score encompass education, crime rates, cost of living, and residents' overall happiness, calculated through advanced statistical models.

Cost of Living in Port Huron

When choosing a new place to reside, the cost of living is a significant consideration. Fortunately, Port Huron shines in this regard, with a cost of living lower than the national average and most cities in the state. While certain areas may have slightly higher costs compared to others, the overall affordability of housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, healthcare, and miscellaneous goods and services is notably attractive.

For a more detailed analysis of education in Port Huron and why it is a significant advantage for residents, please refer to our comprehensive education report.

Population Size

With a population of 29,175 residents, Port Huron is considered a small city. While different surveys may indicate economic conditions vary between small cities and larger ones, Port Huron's unique character and strong community spirit make it an exceptional place to call home.

At Coldwell Banker Professionals, we are dedicated to helping you find your ideal home in Port Huron, Michigan. Whether you seek the coziness of a tight-knit city or the charm of a suburban community, Port Huron has something special to offer. Allow us to assist you in making Port Huron your new home.